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                              Movement for Decent Work and Welfare Society

Ljubljana, Slovenia

— ESE project: Volunteering for a decent future —

📢: OPEN CALL for 2 volunteers

          to join us in our fight for a decent future in the labor market!


If you are interested in:

➡ labor market and related topics

➡ experiencing intercultural environment and communication

➡ event organization and helping at project leadership

➡ writing and researching in the field of precarious work conditions




COME AND JOIN US ON VOLUNTEER PRACTICE in Slovenia, Ljubljana at Gibanje za dostojno delo/Movement for decent work.

✅ Apply now and help us move towards a decent work future for everyone!

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Please send us your request with a short introduction/motivation letter.


WHO ARE WE: Movement for Decent Work and Welfare Society

Gibanje za dostojno delo in socialno družbo (Movement for Decent Work and Welfare Society) is a non-governmental organization, an active member of Slovenian civil society. The movement unites people with a critical point of view on contemporary Slovenian labor politics who are not only criticizing the failures of such politics but also provide constructive suggestions that might help to improve or change them.

Movement for Decent Work and Welfare Society was founded in 2010 in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, as an organization that would act primarily in the areas of the labor market and welfare state and society. In our almost 10 years of existence, the organization has managed to organize many round tables and workshops, which were aimed to help people to deal with unemployment in Slovenia. We have as well organized several public campaigns dedicated to labor issues and precarity. The organization informs the general public about labor rights, as well as follows the personal stories of precarious workers.

Movement closely collaborates with Slovenian scholars and experts on the respective matters. Moreover, the members of the Movement prepare written contributions, in which they discuss the modern labor problems, which Slovenian workers face, comment decisions of the government, and amendments to legislation. These contributions are monthly published on the Movement’s website and Facebook page. Apart from it, the members of the Movement are constantly educating themselves about labor legislation and other legal matters related to the labor market. They are also active in self-study programs about the sociological, historical, psychological, and other theories of precarious work to determine its specific problems and articulate solutions to them.

Main goals, working fields:

  • Decent work;
  • Decent and more prosperous society;
  • Change of outdated approaches of the governing elites;
  • Encouragement of others;
  • Integration and dialogue;
  • Freedom of speech.

Our main activities:

  • National conference on the issues of precarity (held annually in November);
  • Annual summer camp “Pogum za spremembe” (eng. “Courage for changes”);
  • Participation in the projects connected with the precariat and the vulnerable situation on the labor market;
  • Organization and participation in protests;
  • Meetings with Slovenian precarious workers;
  • Organization of workshops, lectures, and round tables;
  • International projects (ESC).


Nowadays, more and more people, especially young workers in precarious (insecure) conditions for little money, low rates, their working hours are getting longer and the quality of life is consequently decreasing. Countries around the world want to improve this, but the reality does not coincide with the regulations in this field. The movement for decent work is striving to inform people about their rights and fighting against abusive interests, which we are witnessing in the labor market.

With this project, we want to ensure continuous support for the international network where organizations, which share the same goals as ours, will communicate with one another, coordinate and share experiences, as well as expand the volunteer’s knowledge and experience regarding this topic and the work of non-governmental organizations. We also see this project as an upgrade of activities on a more national level.


ABOUT THE PROJECT: Volunteering for a decent future

The main goals of the ESE project are to inform the public about the problem of precarization and to promote the ideas of decent work, all of which we want to expand internationally.

Both Movement and the partner organization will strive for the widest possible involvement of young people in the labor market, greater mobility, better working conditions, and equal opportunities.


We will share common goals and values, which is very important for the good implementation of the project. In addition to shared values and goals, cooperation will be essential. We will be in regular contact with the partner organizations before the volunteers arrive. This will ensure that the volunteer’s good involvement in the new environment. With sending organization we will both strive for the smooth running of the project and, above all, for the volunteers to gain as much positive experience as possible from this project, both on a personal and professional level.



  • Experience of working in a non-governmental organization, getting acquainted with its structure, internal and external operation of the organization.
  • Work experience abroad.
  • Experience of intercultural communication.
  • Knowledge of labor market topics and related topics.
  • Upgrading writing and analytical skills (through writing articles and conducting research).
  •  Upgrading event organization and leadership skills.
  •  Upgrading your English.
  •  Acquisition of basic knowledge of Slovene.
  • Upgrading endurance (psychological, professional, etc.)
  • Upgrading time planning and planning in general.
  • Ability to work in a group and teamwork.



The work of volunteers will be divided into two parts. You will help to lead the international network project and to find new partners. The second part of their volunteering is assistance with the activities of our association at the national level (organizing and recording events, conducting interviews with precarious workers in English, participating in other projects such as upgrading and running a library of workers, conducting a reading club, participating in work and communication with strategic partners, organization of cultural events of their choice, workshop of his language within our activities).

Throughout the project, as full members of the team, you will gain experience and knowledge through the regular functioning of Movement, assisting us at our events, and will assist us with an international network where organizations will come together to fight precarization.

With the help of mentors, you will monitor the events, and later organize their events, look for related organizations and prepare and be responsible for obtaining content for the international network’s website. Along with all this, you will gain practical knowledge, which will be supported by the theory they will encounter during the project, which together will give you the necessary tools for your perception of the problem.

The two-part activities will be supported by our team. The volunteers will be in charge of expanding our international network, finding partners, and active contact with existing ones. Our previous volunteer will brief you on our current partners and communication to make it easier to manage the entire connection associated with the international network.

The second part is about enabling or learning and improving your knowledge and skills. Our team will try different methods to help create a faster and more efficient image of what is worth the work and the effort. By creating a work basis, we will enable them to independently research and find where they would most like to contribute. It will be exploratory, creative, or both. Along the way, you will be trained by our team, who will be some kind of a guide to you.




In cooperation with the team of the Movement, you will:


– help to manage the online platform and continue the work of previous volunteers;

– be reading professional literature in English with the help of a professional mentor to better understand the topic of precarious work, which will allow you to work more easily in the association,

– be editing a small association library on the labor market,

– writing short blog posts on the Movement website about your experience,

– writing popular science and scientific articles with the help of a professional mentor,

– be helping to find foreign organizations with which the Movement can connect and participate in further projects,

– be communicating with organizations from abroad via e-mail and skype/zoom,

– be conducting semi-structured interviews with precarious workers (a total of about seven),

– help to manage our social networks (be publishing interesting data and new information about precarious work on networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.),

– assist in the implementation of ongoing projects and administrative work,

– take photos and recordings at Movement events, documenting and archiving documents, photographs, and videos,

– be organizing your events according to your wishes.


If you’re interested in volunteer practice or have any kind of questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Slovenia will not let you down! 🙂