Gibanje za dostojno delo in socialno družbo (Movement for decent work and welfare society) is accredited EVS hosting, sending and coordinating organization. That means that we are able to host and send EVS volunteers as well as apply projects to the National agency.

In our organization we believe that by acquiring EVS volunteers we would be able to improve the foundations of our activities on both levels. Acquiring an EVS volunteer would improve the dynamics of our work, because the volunteer would bring in new energy, knowledge and views. We believe that it is very beneficial to host people from foreign organizations, because they bring in their objective thinking and a different view on the problems we face. At the same time volunteer would be able to acquire and drain on the knowledge of our members. This partnership would open up new options for common projects and networking with other organizations which would be beneficial to both organizations and strengthen their contacts base of potential project partners.

By coming into our organization, the volunteer would be able to get to know similar organizations in Slovenia. Only the Movement covers several problem areas and deals with different themes and that is why every member has a chance to find a topic which is close to him/her. Our active members have experience with different youth and other social activities and they can be an invaluable source of knowledge and good practice examples for the volunteer.

We believe that volunteers, sent for EVS via our organization, will be given comparable experience as volunteers hosted by our organization.

Our forthcoming EVS host project will be mainly dedicated to research and comparison of different approaches to employment policies in different countries. We are also planning to take part in various international activities and implement some other Youth in Action projects, such as:

– Youth initiative on the topic of the emancipation of young people. The initiative will look into the problems young people face when searching for their own place to live, it will present good practices from abroad (housing communes) and generally shed light on the problem of renting and buying housing for young people;

– Youth exchange on the topic of The power of minority – linking the minority, an international exchange which is based on minorities and deprived youth and their alternatives in mutual linking.