An excellent start, keep going!

Maria Fedina is a Master’s student in Human Geography (University of Eastern Finland) and an EVS volunteer International Department of Movement for Decent Work and Welfare Society.

This time the post will be shorter than the previous ones since it’s only one and half month left from my last post. Yes, I’m trying to be more consistent and make contributions to the blog in more scheduled manner (meaning, not once in 4 months).

Firstly, let me inform you on the changes happened in the international department. First and foremost, we have applied for the next EVS project and, hopefully, we will get accepted. Looks like that this year we are especially lucky in terms of the projects and grants acceptance, so let’s hope for the best!

We are currently preparing the international meeting, which is part of the project “United against youth precarity” and which will be organized in Strunjan from 12th till 15th of March. As I wrote in the previous post, we will be joined by 5 teams from Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria and will have various educational activities regarding the youth precarity and precarity in general. These meeting and project are the first steps in creation the international platform of the organizations, which fight for decent employment and against precaritization of workforce and workplaces. My next post will be about the meeting, so it will be published in the second half of March.

Switching to the other things. I have finished my second research article; this time it’s dedicated to description and analysis of the Italian anti-precarity organizations and institutions. I was indeed surprised how interesting were the researches I was using and refering to in my own article! The article will be published in the blog later in March. Also, check our e-library – I’ve published some of the books and papers on the civil society engagement in the struggles against precarity.

Besides it, we launched our Slovenian-Russian movie evenings. Well, it will be more accurately to say that we re-launch them after quite a pause lasting since the EVS project of the previous volunteer, Artem Chubukov. The concept is simple: we are watching a Russian movie with Slovenian subtitles and after the showing have a discussion and practice our language skills. Two movie evenings have already passed, the next one will be on 1st of March. You are more than welcome to join us!

And finally, I have started the official Slovenian language course! Looks like it’s going to accelerate my language skills 😊 (smiling emodji is here, in case it’s not visible)

So far, so good! The first two months of this year were great and super productive for me and, I hope, for Gibanje as well. Gremo naprej!