New year, new goals, new posts

Maria Fedina, Master’s student in Human Geography (University of Eastern Finland), International Department of Movement for Decent Work and Welfare Society

It’s been a while since my last post, so it’s time to come back to writing. 5 months of my EVS project have gone already, but seven more are still here to come. I hope that these months will be even more productive than the first part of the project.

Here are some updates on what has happened. Last two months were indeed fruitful and productive for us. In November, we organized the 5th National Conference “Novodobno suženjstvo – prekarnost”, which happened to be successful and topical indeed. You can find the videos of each presentation filmed during the conference on the Gibanje’s Youtube channel ( Several weeks later we joined the general protest of trade unions for the workers’ rights. Week later we organized own protest in support for the workers of kiosks in Slovenia. The representatives of Slovenian civil society and trade unions gathered in front of the Ministry for Labour to demand for justice for the kiosk workers, namely to recognize them as regular workers and grant them the respective rights.  On Youtube channel of Sindikat prekarcev you can find videos of key-note speakers’ presentations of this event ( A lot of work was done to prepare these events. Negotiating with and uniting people, renting places, making posters, dealing with press and media, spreading information and more on.

These last two months were so far the busiest, but at the same time the most consolidating for the members of Gibanje. Almost every day we had several people working at the office with new and old people coming to us every week.

We got indeed a full coverage by Slovenian media and press: Sindikat and Gibanje had press conferences, articles about the activities of both organizations and situation with kiosk workers were published regularly, and we even had a live stream for the national television.

Apart from that, in the past months we got several new members of Gibanje and received new T-shirts with new design. Together with Natalya we filmed (with our new camera!) a short semi-promotion, semi-educational video about the precariat in Slovenia, Gibanje za dostojno delo and Sindikat prekarcev. It will be soon available on Youtube.

A good news came in December – our application for international project was accepted! It means that in March we will host people from 5 organizations from Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, and Italy in order to spread a word about precarious employment and start preparing our international platform for all involved and interested in the issues regarding the growing precariat. Currently, we, at International Department, are preparing application for two more projects; hopefully, they will be assessed with the same positive grades as our previous application. It is also worth to mention that we found several organizations from abroad, which are also involved in the same activities as we are. So, we are not alone and we indeed count on the long-term cooperation with them.

In terms of EVS, I had an on-arrival training in September, which went much-much better than I had expected. In the end of January, I will have another training, hope it will be as good as the first one.

In couple of weeks the second research article will be published. This time I will be writing about the organizations like Gibanje za dostojno delo, which are engaged in fight for the workers’ rights and against precarity. Besides that, in two weeks the first movie night will be organized, so all of you who are interested in Russian cinematography are more than welcome to join us.

So far so good, with a hope for super productive upcoming months,


PS: Aja, my understanding of Slovenian is constantly improving, and now I try to speak only Slovene with assistants in shops, pharmacy, and post office! And in February I will start with Slovenian course, so who knows, maybe in summer I will be capable to write a short post in Slovene 😉

PPS: And the “finalest” thing: I organized the event about Russia in Ziferblat in December, which as a matter of fact went really cool. The room was full and people weren’t bored and actually were asking a lot questions in the end. So I may count this as a success!