International food event



16th of April was not typical day in Velenje. At first because of great sunny weather, calm warm wind and clear sky, etc. But the other reason was »International Food Event« which was organized by Mladinskij Center Velenje. EVS volunteers from Russia, Italy, Hungary, France, Germany Spain, Indonesia prepared their own traditional food. Russian volunteer of Gibanje za dostojno delo in socialno druzbo Artem Chubukov also was part of event. Russian team presented traditional pancakes called »Blini«. Tradition of cooking them connected to paganism. Far time ago people prepared Blini for Spring greeting after cold winter. So Blini are always have form of circle – symbol of the Sun. It needs to notice that a lot of habits of Velenje knew something about Blini before event and were really glad to try them again. »Well, I really enjoyed to share little part of my culture with others, and of course tried all of other dishes from another countries« – Artem says – »Every time in international events i have an opportunity to discover something new and it is so exciting! Thanks MC Velenje for inviting, and i hope that people in this city will remember our pancakes. Hvala Lepa, Dober Tek!«


Artem Chubukov