Lights, Camera, Action or a film “Faces of Precariat”. Last part

So, a process of filmmaking “Faces of Precariat” is finished. This documentary film should be called biographical because the film is based on biographical interviews, more precisely the film is series of interviews, telling us about the lives of young people in economic crisis.

To find a job and get a decent reward for your work is something that has become a luxury in these days. But there is insecurity about the future, project work, lack of social protection.

Young people who agreed to participate in the film are from different countries, but despite this, they face similar problems. The purpose of this project is to show the supranational level problems on the labour market.

This is only the stories of several of us, but we recognize ourselves and the situations of our everyday life in these stories. For me the film was an opportunity to talk about major issues through personal stories, to reflect the social, economic and political problems on the micro level.


Not only the result but also the process

For me the film is not only a result, the film is a video with a duration of about 20 minutes, uploaded to the website with the opportunity to see it. For me the film was a kind of process. The film was finding people wishing to participate in the project, it was the interviews, it was the empathy for the characters, it was a film editing, when you need to decide what information will be included in the film and what will not be (the film may not last indefinitely). But of course, first of all, the film was people.

I would like to say a big thank to those young people who agreed to participate in the project. It turned out that not many people who want to talk about their problems publicly. Of course, I realize this is partly due to the language (definitely it`s easier to give an interview in their native language), but this is not the only factor influencing the failure to tell your story. The girl from France who told the story in the film, agreed to be interviewed on the condition that her face would not appear in the frame.


A bit of doubts, or it`s easier to solve some problems together than alone

When you watch my work, don`t treat it as something professional, pay attention more on the content rather than on form. Try to concentrate on the stories and look around yourself, maybe, this is very similar to the challenges you face every day. Agree that it`s easier to solve some problems together than alone.

 You can see the film very soon.