About us

logo_engGibanje za dostojno delo in socialno družbo (Movement for Decent Work and Welfare Society) is a non-governmental organization, which is an active member of Slovenian civil society. It unites people with a critical point of view on contemporary Slovenian labour politics who are ready not only to criticise the failures of such politics, but also to provide constructive suggestions that might help to change or improve them.

There is a number of different profiles of people in our organisation (students, employed, unemployed, part-time workers, self-employed, …) who mend the effects of precarity in our communities and are part of a bigger fight to liberate man and his work.

In this society which sees private (not personal) property limited to a select few, most of us are disposessed of all but our own labour force – which we are forced to sell to survive. To elevate working conditions to a humane level, dedicated labour activists throughout history have achieved regulation of work and workers’ rights – we are fighting to this day to preserve them. But we pay special attention to atypical kinds of work via which company owners are reinventing old forms of wage labour and which make it harder for workers to unionize not only materially but also legally.

Movement for Decent Work and Welfare Society was founded in 2010 in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, as an organization that would act primarily in the areas of labour market and welfare state and society. In its many years of existence the organization has managed to organize several public campaigns dedicated to labour issues and precarity as well as countless round tables and workshops, which were aimed to help people to deal with unemployment in Slovenia. The organization informs the general public about labour rights and also follows the personal stories of precarious workers. When an opportunity presents itself, activists within our organisation collaborate with union representatives and organize workers in the field.

Movement closely collaborates with Slovenian scholars and experts on the respective matters. Moreover, the members of Movement prepare written contributions, in which they discuss the modern labour problems, which Slovenian workers face with, comment the decisions of the government and ammendments to legislation. These contributions are monthly published on the Movement’s website and Facebook page. Apart of it, the members of Movement are constantly educating themselves about labour legislation and other legal matters related to labour market, as well as about the sociological, historical, psychological, and other theories of precarious work in order to determine its specific problems and articulate solutions to them.

Our main goals:

  • Decent work;
  • Decent and more prosperous society;
  • Change of outdated approaches of the governing elites;
  • Encouragement of others;
  • Integration and dialogue;
  • Freedom of speech.

Our main activities:

  • National conference on the issues of precarity (held annually in November);
  • Annual summer camp “Pogum za spremembe” (Courage to change);
  • Participation in the projects connected with the precariat and vulnerable situation on labour market;
  • Organization and participation in protests;
  • Meetings with Slovenian precarious workers;
  • Organization of workshops, lectures, and round tables;
  • International projects (European Solidarity Corps).


Gibanje za dostojno delo in socialno družbo
Dimičeva 14
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

General information: info@socialna-druzba.si 
International Department: international@socialna-druzba.si