Pismo podpore stavkajočim v visokem šolstvu v VB


V Gibanju za dostojno delo in socialno družbo izražamo svojo podporo učiteljem, študentom in ostalim zaposlenim v visokem šolstvu v Veliki Britaniji, kjer trenutno poteka stavka na več kot 70 univerzah. Pisma podpore zbirajo na naslovu b.samaluk@greenwich.ac.uk


A letter of support for striking workers and students standing in solidarity in Great Britain

25th of February 2020

To our fellow fighters for change, who currently stand in opposition to an ongoing worsening of working conditions and growing profit-driven motives, which have no place in the educational system – to you we offer our sympathies and wish to show our great appreciation for your actions to counter these antiintelectual capitalist tendencies in your universities. The cooperation between the University and College Union, the National Union of Students and other groups is exemplary and admirable.

To Universities UK and the Universities and Colleges Employers Association, who have expressed how difficult it is for representative membership organisations to find one national resolution – we hope this strike action will show, that it is the will of the working class that which represents the universal interest, contrary to the particular motives of university management for example, who have showed a strive for profit, which goes against the basic principles of education, and in addition obviously failed to redistribute this profit amongst the workers and students, which make up university communities and are the basic source of capital for universities. We also call for an end to spreading misinformation and even intimidation amongst students and workers which has been used as a way to hold back the strikes.

Power to the workers and students, your mutual solidarity is the basis for a brighter future!

Members of Movement for Decent Work and Welfare Society

and Borut Brezar, president