Movement for decent work and welfare society (Gibanje za dostojno delo in socialno družbo) is an accredited ESC (European Solidarity Corps) hosting, sending and coordinating organization. That means that we are able to host, send, and coordinate ESC volunteers, as well as apply to other projects in the framework of Erasmus+ programme.

In our organization, we believe that by acquiring ESC volunteers we improve the foundations of our activities on both levels. On the one hand, acquiring an ESC volunteer improves the dynamics of our activities, since the volunteers, who are coming from the other countries, bring in new energies, knowledge, ideas, and expertise, as well as different perspectives on the issues we are dealing with. On the other hand, coming to our organization, a volunteer gets an opportunity to be engaged in various fields (research, project management, event management, international cooperation) and gets a chance to find a topic which is closer to him/her. An ESC volunteer coming to our organization is given the same opportunities for self-development as our constant members.

From the other perspective, our active members have experiences with different youth and other social activities and they possess invaluable knowledge regarding them. We can assure that they will become an excellent addition to your organization as ESC volunteers.

Here are the international volunteers we have hosted

Darina Vorobyeva was a 1-year EVS volunteer at Gibanje za dostojno delo in socialno družbo (2013-2014). She was the first EVS volunteer in our organization. She came from St. Petersburg, Russia and was working on the project called “Volunteering for employment”, which was focused on fighting against youth unemployment in the EU and especially in Slovenia. Project was mainly dedicated to research and comparison of different approaches to employment policies in different countries. She has finished her project presenting us a firmly written report about what she has learned and achieved during her research.

You can read Darina’s report here.

Olya Lebedeva came to Gibanje za dostojno delo
in socialno družbo for a “Job Shadowing” project (2014). The project was funded by the European Commission. As a representative of her sending organization (“Sodrujestvo”, Russia) she came to Gibanje and learned how we work and studied our best practices with the purpose to return back to her organization and apply them there. During her project, she participated in the summer camp “Pogum za spremembe”. Together with one of our members, she translated the description of Gibanje and its main projects to English, so that we became visible also to the possible future partners from abroad. She was also working on Erasmus+ project “Youth training”.

Natalia Chernova was a 1-year EVS volunteer at Gibanje za dostojno delo in socialno družbo (2014-2015). She came from the heart of the Tatar world – the city of Kazan and worked on the project called “Faces of precariat”. The project was mainly based on the research of the problem of precarious work in Slovenia and how this problem spreads in other countries. During her time in Slovenia, she also took part in the organization of the project “Global jobs challenge” (mobility for youth workers). The point of this project was to invite young people from other countries to share with us knowledge and experiences about precarious work in their countries. The event took place in a beautiful city called Strunjan in May 2015.

Also, she took part in the artistic performance “Zaigrano delo”, which presented different types of precarious work. The performance was shown in the several regions of Slovenia. Her project ended with a film she made, called “Faces of precariat”. You can watch it here. 

Artem Chubukov was a 1-year EVS volunteer stayed at our organization from 2015 till 2016. He came from the city called Cheboksary, Russia. His project was called “Research and improve: labour market situation”. During his time he worked on our new web page and every last week of a month he prepared Russian evening and made Russian culture more familiar to us. Apart from that, he was engaged in media content creation (shooting and editing videos, taking photos). During his project, he also prepared a SWOT analysis of our organization.

Maria Fedina was an EVS volunteer, whom our organization was hosting from August 2017 till the end of July 2018. She was part of our International Department. Her project responsibilities and tasks included: creation of the international platform of like-minded organizations and establishment of a partnership with them, organization of the events (4-day international meeting, Russian-Slovenian movie nights, annual camp), maintenance of library, writing articles and posts for our website. Apart from that, she is also helping with video shooting and editing. More than that, she participated in the internal activities of our organization and the affiliated Trade Union of Precarious.

Vladana Rančić is from Macedonia and was a participant in the project ESC (European Solidarity Corps) from June 2019 untill June 2020. She was helping us with ongoing projects and was one of the presenters at our national conference where she spoke about her experience of working abroad. She did interviews with precarious workers, found new international partners for our future projects and with that, she made our network wider. During her project, she organized a Macedonian dinner where we had a chance to learn about her culture. Apart from that, she helped us with everyday office activities and creating visual content.

Irma Sarać-Hukanović came to volunteer with us from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She stayed from november 2020 untill spring of 2021. During her time with us she interviewed precarious workers from abroad, wrote articles for our international platform Decent Work – Decent Future and published on this page as well. She focused on student workers and workers in large industrial companies.

Sara Velkoska comes from Macedonia and joined us as a volounteer via the European solidarity corps from October 2020 to October 2021. Besides organising our yearly and other events on the topic of the relation between working force and capital she managed the reading seminar and wrote articles on the basis of interviews with workers in various industries as well as did her own research of the working conditions in Slovenia and abroad.

Evgenija Milenkova joined our team in spring of 2021 and ended her project in december the same year. As a graduated philologist in Italian translation studies from North Macedonia she focused on sheding light on working conditions of translators among other professions. Her work with us involved coordinating humanitarian actions and organizing events for raising awareness about precarious work and related issues.